ARTICLE I - Name and Purpose
Section 1 - Name
The name of the organization shall be: The International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians (ICUFR).
Section 2 - Purpose
The objectives of the Fellowship are:
  1. To promote the Object of Rotary through Rotary Service and international projects, with the use of computers and similar electronic communication devices.
  2. To foster high ethical, safety, and security standards in all aspects of use of computers and similar electronic communication devices.
  3. To advance national and international understanding by personal contact between members of the Fellowship.
ARTICLE II - Membership - Eligibility, Activation, Renewal and Termination
Section 1 - Eligibility for Membership
All Rotarians, family members of Rotarians, program participants and alumni, are eligible for membership.
Section 2 - Activation and Renewal of Membership & Dues
Membership shall be activated/renewed for a period of one year from the date of joining, current expiry date or the date of confirmation of engagement with ICUFR (whichever is later).

The members shall, engage themselves with ICUFR, in one of the following methods, to continue to be a member in good standing:
  1. upload/email one or more article(s) suitable for publication in the ICUFR newsletter (computer / device-related or Rotary-related); OR
  2. upload/email one or more photograph(s) of the member's club project or an ICUFR project, with appropriate caption(s), suitable for publication in the ICUFR newsletter; OR
  3. participate in any one or more of the projects undertaken by ICUFR; OR
  4. if none of the above is possible, pay an annual subscription of US$9.00 (US Dollars Nine only).
Provided that the expiry date of all members which falls on or before 30th June 2019, shall stay extended to 30th September 2019, for reckoning the effective date of renewal thereafter.

Further provided that, in the case of multiple engagements by members, the renewal will be effective from the date of the latest engagement.
Section 3 - Termination of Membership
Membership shall terminate by loss of Rotary affiliation, non-compliance of membership activation / renewal requirements, loss of contact with ICUFR for more than a year, at the request of the member or by good cause as determined by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE III - Meetings
Section 1 - Meetings
  1. Meetings are by electronic means as methods of communication or by in-person conferences.
  2. An annual meeting shall be held at the RI Convention or online by such means as may be determined by the Board. Notice of the meeting shall be emailed to the members or posted online at least two weeks before the date of the meeting.
  3. At that meeting, in Rotary years ending with an odd year, the Chairman-Elect shall present to the membership, the list of Officers and other Board members who shall take over on the following July 1st.
ARTICLE IV - Publications
Section 1 - Roster
A roster of membership shall be published online annually and be made accessible to all authorised members on record.
Section 2 - Newsletter
A newsletter shall be published online atleast once in a year and made accessible to all authorised members on record.

ARTICLE V - Board of Directors
Section 1 - Governing Body
The governing body of this fellowship shall be its Board of Directors, which shall consist of:
- the Chairman,
- the Vice-Chairman,
- the Chairman-Elect, if any,
- the Immediate Past Chairman, if any,
- the Secretary,
- the Treasurer,
- at least five (5) other members as Directors.
Section 2 - Meetings of the Board
a) Meetings may be held in person or by circulation through electronic means of communication (which includes but not limited to email, bulletin boards, forums, websites, live online meetings, etc.) and shall be convened by the Chairman or in his absence, Vice-Chairman or Secretary.

b) 50% or more of the number of members of the Board, one of whom shall be an officer, shall constitute the quorum of the Board.
Section 3 - Voting
  1. Matters requiring action may be determined by a majority vote of those present except that removal from office with or without cause shall require a majority vote of all members of the Board.
  2. Provided that in the case of Board meetings by circulation through any electronic means as described above, any expression of dissent shall be recorded / circulated at the appropriate platform, within 72 hours of the commencement of voting, if any. All others shall be treated as consents.
Section 4 - Term of Office
  1. All terms of office shall commence on 1 July (UTC - Coordinated Universal Time) of every odd (not even) calendar year. One term of office for all members of the Board shall be a maximum of two consecutive years.
  2. No member shall serve as Chairman consecutively for more than two terms. No member shall serve as a member of the Board (including as Chairman, but excluding as Immediate Past Chairman) consecutively for more than four terms.
  3. In event of vacancy in the Board for any reason, the Board may co-opt another member in good standing to fill the unexpired term.
  4. No member of the Board, except the Chairman-Elect and/or Immediate Past Chairman, shall hold more than one position on the Board at a time.
ARTICLE VI - Nominations and Elections
Section 1 - Nominations
On or before 1st October of every even calendar year, the Board shall announce their choice of Chairman-Elect for the next term, his profile and consent thereof. If any other member in good standing also wishes to contest for the position of Chairman-Elect, he/she may file his/her nomination in the prescribed form along with the profile and consent, on or before the following 15th of October.

Other members of the Board:
The Chairman-Elect, and one member of the Fellowship designated by the Chairman-Elect, shall form a committee between 1st of January and 1st of March of every odd calendar year to propose his/her Board members, from among the members of the Fellowship who are in good standing. The final assignment of duties of Board members shall be made by the Chairman-Elect.
Section 2 - Elections
In the event of no contest for the position of Chairman-Elect vide Section 1 above, the Board may notify the name of the Chairman-Elect on or before the following 30th of November.

In the event of a contest for the position of Chairman-Elect vide Section 1 above, the following timeline shall be followed to perform the corresponding action (all times and dates are UTC and in the same even calendar year referred above):
31st of October: The Chairman shall appoint a member of the Fellowship, in good standing, as the Election Officer, and constitute an Election Committee to overview the election, verify the votes and certify the number of votes for each candidate and declare the winner. The Election Committee shall consist of the Election Officer, one Board member assigned by the Chairman, and one representative of each contesting candidate.
1st of November: Circulate to the membership, physically, by email, and/or upload online, the names, profiles and statements of all eligible candidates. The details of the Election Committee shall also be notified alongwith.
7th of November: Last date for formal withdrawal of nominations by candidate(s).
15th of November: Commencement of voting by postal, email or online. Every member in good standing shall have one vote each with no proxies accepted.
28th of November: Closure of voting.
29th of November: Counting of Votes. The counting of votes shall be supervised by the Election Committee.
30th of November: Declaration of Results. The candidate receiving the maximum number of votes shall be declared elected. The Chairman shall have a casting vote to break a tie.

Campaigning is not permitted and will result in disqualification at the discretion of the Chairman.

ARTICLE VII - Amendments
Section 1 - Amendments
Any member may propose amendments to the bylaws to the Board of Directors. The Board must consider and vote upon all proposals and if approved by a majority of the board, be submitted to the membership not later than the time of the annual ballot or at any time directed by the Chairman. A majority of 2/3 of the members voting would be needed for the amendment to be accepted.